Naomi Landy

Naomi Landy was a pioneer in the field of Speech-Language Pathology in the Pittsburgh Area. She was the first director of Speech-Language Pathology at the Home for Crippled Children, which later became the Rehabilitation Institute and is now known as the Children’s Institute. She was in the forefront of development in the area of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), feeding and swallowing, and the treatment of children with severe neurological impairments. Naomi Landy died on August 21, 1982. She bequeathed money to start an annual workshop through SWPSHA.

Honors of the Association

Honors of the Association are selected annually from the local community by SWPSHA members. Criteria for this award are:

1. Past or present SWPSHA member
2. Significant contribution to the field of speech and/or hearing in the area.


1982  Jack Matthews
1983  Naomi Landy (posthumously)
1984  Sister Rita Alice Fitzgerald
1985  Martha Blasier
1986  Betty Jane McWilliams
1987  Charlotte Avery
1988  Audrey Holland
1989  Frieda Hammermeister
1990  Herbert Rubin
1991  Mildred Dovey
1992  James Titus
1993  John Durrant
1994  Charlotte Johnson
1995  Lawrence Bloom
1996  Vaughn Moreau
1997  Joan Glickstein
1998  Diane Eger
1999  Marie Hinchcliff-Capozzi
2000  Ellen Estomin
2001  Kathleen R. Helfrich-Miller
2002  Barbara Bonfanti
2003  Diane Klein
2004  Kristina English
2005  Joslyn Rhodes
2006 Ellen R. Cohn
2007 Gretchen Probst
2008 Susan Hough
2009 Ralph Belsterling
2010 Claire Vatz
2011 Carol Young
2012 Linda Edwards

2013 Robert Skwarecki

2014 Mary Mient

2015 David Stein

2016 Paula Leslie

2017 Nancy Hepting

2018 Emily Lippert

2019 James Coyle